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Quintessences invoke the energy of the color ray into the auric sphere. They harmonize the subtle bodies, open intuition and allow each soul to align with its potential. Quintessences are a "hot line to Heaven" forming a bridge between the user and the color ray, working with higher energies.

Knowledge brings in awareness - thus releasing the energy of self-acceptance and the potential to access the "Universal Mind", the collective unconscious. Each of the Masters has their own Color Ray or "vibrational harmonic". These subtle frequencies are released through inhalation, and in the process, their wavelength is decoded and the portal between the Self and that Master is unlocked.

Place three (3) drops on the left wrist, and gently rub the wrists together. Give the energies of colour, herbs and crystal out to the world, flowing from the left hand around the Earth and back into the right. Then bring the hands gently over the crown, passing the energies over the top of the head, then over the back of the head, through the occipital area and the psychic gate, cleansing that which is behind us. Bring the hands down over the brow, through the third eye, down to the throat. Moving the hands over the throat briefly, clearing the communications before gently coming to the heart, where we rest for a few moments.

In your own time, when you are ready, moving on from the heart, bring the hands down moving the energies through the Solar Plexus, through the Root Chakra, and down to Mother Earth. Ask that the Earth may receive what it is that we have to offer. Then moving back up the front, bring the palms together in a gesture of completion and take three deep breaths of the Quintessence into your own temple.

Contains 25 ml


El Morya Quintessence

1-3 Days

Colour: Pale Blue
Fragrance: Flowery


The El Morya quintessence assists with the discovery of one's Life Purpose. This means being more available to accept our beauty. It further support the alignments of the subtle bodies that will be required to pursue this spiritual goal.

Kuthumi Quintessence

1-3 Days

Colour: Pale Gold
Flowery, Sweet and Spicy


The Kuthumi quintessence provides the frequencies necessary for connection with the subtle ' Angelic' realms within ourselves.

Lady Nada Quintessence

1-3 Days

Colour: Pale Pink
Fragrance: of Roses


The Lady Nada Quintessence protects the user and changes the conduct of a possible aggressor by accessing the transmutation power of the pink. This essence opens the door to the language of harmony. It helps us to be more receptive to colour and sound, and the nuances of caring.

Hilarion Quintessence

1-3 Days
Colour: Pale Green
Fragrance: Fresh, like the forest

The Hilarion quintessence aid in harmonising the user's vibration by making space on the inner plane to get to know oneself better, and provides access to one's own truth and inner wisdom.

Serapis Bey Quintessence

1-3 Days

Colour: Clear
Fragrance: Spicy and Flowery

The Serapis Bey can offer purification of thought and feeling, clarity and new beginnings. This quintessence may tune us into the energy of the stars, an understanding of ancient cultures and is reputed to hold the 'keys' to the mineral kingdom. Therefore it is particularly well suited for work with crystals, in fact all crystals because it too reflects all of the colours just as all colours can be found in the different crystals. The clear or white light can be refracted to form a rainbow of coloured light.

The Christ Quintessence

1-3 Days

Colour: Red

Fragrance: Like that of a forest


The Christ Quintessence offers us the opportunity to see where it is and what it is that makes us suffer. The Buddha said there are three forms of suffering, getting what you don't want, wanting what you can't have and not knowing the difference. With this quintessence we can begin to understand our own suffering so that it has less hold on us.

Saint Germain Quintessence

1-3 Days

Colour: Violet
Fragrance: Flowery


The Saint Germain Quintessence and it's power to transmute conditions and states, is a catalyst and transforms negative energies into positive ones. Positive and negative have no self nature. It is all the same energy either blocked to the point of being destructive or used creatively and lovingly.

Pallas Athena Quintessence

1-3 Days

Colour: Rose Pink
Fragrance: Flowery


The Pallas Athena and Aeolus Quintessence personifies the creative expression of love and beauty. They unite Heaven and Earth during our dream state, and reveal the unconscious to our conscious mind for interpretation.

Orion & Angelica Quintessence

1-3 Days

Colour: Pink
Fragrance: Floral and Lemon


The Orion and Angelica quintessence assists one to come into synchronicity. Very simply put synchronicity is to be at the right place at the right time. Enlarging on this it is also about an energetic resonance with situations. This essence is for fresh beginnings, and endings, and for journeys where travel is both inner or outer.

Lady Portia Quintessence

1-3 Days

Colour: Gold

Fragrance: Floral and Summery


The Lady Portia quintessence invokes the qualities of Mercy, Love and Judgment with true clarity from the depths of ourselves. As the saying goes: "Judge not, lest you be Judged." Therefore, if wisdom, tact or an equalizing of all factors is necessary, this Quintessence will balance the scales.

Kwan Yin & Lao Tsu Quintessence

1-3 Days

Colour: Pale Orange

Fragrance: Spice and Orange


The Kwan Yin and Lao Tsu Quintessence, brings understanding and appreciation of the worth of what we have brought with us from earlier times. This allows self-love to evolve, and brings about a feeling of deep peace. It helps one to discover what lies behind disease.

Sanat Kumara Quintessence

1-3 Days

Colour: Pale Coral
Fragrance: Spicy


The Sanat Kumara Quintessence brings the Divine into the everyday, seeing to the depths of the soul. "As Above, so Below" - the most profound Love coming through to the material plane from the most subtle position of the Mother/Father Principle. To repeat the law 'as above , so below' gives us the opportunity to understand that we all reflect one another, on many levels there is reflection.


Maha Chohan Quintessence

1-3 Days

Colour: Pale Turquoise
Fragrance: Sweet and Deep

The Maha Chohan Quintessence assists with expression from the heart, allowing access to, and involvement with, our "inner teacher" as well as deep contact with our "inner Master". This is the Quintessence and Ray for Light Workers and Rainbow Warriors.

Djwal Khul Quintessence

1-3 Days
Colour: Emerald
Fragrance: Fresh, like the forest

The Djwal Khul Quintessence can help us to create balance and harmony within the subtle bodies. The quintessence offers us the possibility to make the inner more conscious and the outer more full of meaning and purpose, as its patterns unfold themselves to our greater conscious intent for respect, awe and caring.

The Holy Grail Quintessence

1-3 Days

Colour: Pale Olive Green
: fresh


The Holy Grail and Solar Logos Quintessence increases our capacity to be receptive and open and to allow communication to flow through us. It can help us to be receptive to the unfolding of our creative feminine intuition. With its support we may remember that whatever we seek is in us.

Complete Set of Quintessences 15 x 25 ml

1-3 Days

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Presentation - Set of Quintessences 15 x 2,5 ml

1-3 Days


Ideal as a present or for testing all quintessences.