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The Aura-Soma Pomanders are the Mystic Vapours - rediscovered. The 49 herbs in the Pomander provide a gentle protection for different environmental challenges. A fragrant delight, Pomanders are a catalyst of herbs, plants and colours that assist us in transmuting challenges of personality into clear consciousness of being. They filter out negative energies, allow positive energies in and have a cleansing effect on the aura. As such, they have been recreated within the Ancient Cabbalistic Knowledge Trust of Invocation. Each Essence holds specific numerological vibrations and wavelength values comprised of forty-nine (7 x 7) symbolic herbs, crystals, vibrations and wavelengths.

Place three (3) drops on the left palm, and gently rub the hands together. Give the energies of colour, herbs and crystal out to the world, flowing from the left hand around the Earth and back into the right hand. Then bring the hands gently over the crown, passing the energies over the top of the head, then over the back of the head, through the occipital area where the psychic gate is said to be, cleansing that which is behind us. Bring the hands down over the brow, through the area of third eye, down to the throat. Moving the hands over the throat briefly, clearing the communications before gently coming to the heart where we rest for a moment. In this space you may perhaps wish to put your attention on people you hold precious or on a situation that you feel needs care.

In your own time, when you are ready, moving on from the heart, bring the hands down moving the energies through the Solar Plexus, through the Root Chakra at the base of the spine, and down to Mother Earth. Ask that the Earth may receive what it is that we have to offer. Then moving back up the front, bring the palms together in a gesture of completion and take three deep breaths of the Pomanders aroma, we understand this to as taking the essence through the breath into your own temple, your body.

Contains 25 ml


Pale Coral Pomander - NEW!!!!

1-3 Days
Empathy for the world!
The Pale Coral Pomander can assist us in welcoming deep joy and liberation as we make our contribution to universal spirituality.

Colour: Pale Coral

Pale Coral Pomander helps us to love the parts of ourselves that we have given negative attention to, in order to be able to love ourselves a little more, to be more kind to ourselves. When we recognise the parts of ourselves that we haven’t loved so much and realise they are integral to our being we can recognise that when there has been a shift it is often a negative experience that we have learnt from. The eclipse can be utilised to powerfully refocus and turn shadows in to light. It provides an opportunity for us to recognise that when we act from fear, energy is released that leads to the creation of that very fear. It seems that to love our fears would be to integrate the energy that has been locked up in our fears, helping us to make the next step forward - the release of unrequited love, the release of fear. Eclipses are tools from the universe to get us to pay attention to areas in our lives that need to change. They shine a glaring ray of truth to the part of our lives that is being touched.

Empathy relates to the Pale Coral, there is a resonance between two beings, facilitated by a common humanity and interdependence. Empathy is a shared situation. The more the light of consciousness comes to it, the greater the possibility of feeling their pain and the easier it is to relate to their pain. That sense of empathy means that their pain is your pain and maybe you can do something within yourself that makes a difference to their pain.

Magenta Pomander

1-3 Days

Colour: new Magenta


On June 21, 2016  the new Aura-Soma pomander magenta was born. The emergence of a new Pomander in Aura-Soma system happens rarely and makes the day of the
summer solstice in 2016 to a very special.

Magenta brings love in every activity, it helps to connect between subjective and objective perception. It helps to act with more care and awakens the realization how much the individual is involved in the creation of his reality.  It produces highest deliberation and prudence.
If life challenges Magenta helps to grow out about yourself. 

The magenta Pomander evokes the sweetness of life.




White Pomander

1-3 Days

Colour: Clear/White
Fragrance: Medicinal, warm, stimulating
Crystal Energies: Morganite, quartz, selenite


The White Pomander contains the Universal Wavelengths of colour. It was the original product Vicki Wall created, and precedes. As pure white light, it holds the entire spectrum and as such, protects one's entire electro-magnetic field in all situations.

The White Pomander is capable of protecting all of the Chakras and bringing them back into equilibrium. It is therefore the best every day choice as a clearing substance. This solution can be used to clear crystals - either alone - or in conjunction with the Master Quintessence Serapis Bey.

Pink Pomander

1-3 Days

Colour: Pink
Fragrance: Flowery and sweet
Crystal Energies: Rose quartz, rose tourmaline


The Pink Pomander created to bring in caring for oneself, and is the instigator and protector of our ability to care - both Universal and unconditional.

Pink harmonizes group energies and influences these processes positively, lending itself well to community endeavours. It is useful for children that are out of control as an anti- aggression tool. This Essence aids in attracting love into your aura and radiating love back out to others. As it opens the heart, it protects one from vulnerability, thus releasing the fear of being hurt.

Red Pomander

1-3 Days

Colour: Red
Fragrance: Fruity, spicy, earthy
Crystal Energies: Garnet, ruby


The Red Pomander restores polarities within the body which have been upset by fluctuations in the Earth's Grid Structure. Therefore, it affords powerful protection for those working directly with Earth Energies and Sacred Sites. It is The Protector from all negative Ley Lines, Psoric water and Geo-Pathic stresses.

Deep Red Pomander

1-3 Days

Colour: Deep Red
Fragrance: Woody, earthy, spicy
Crystal Energies: Garnet, ruby, Carmelite, strawberry quartz, hematite, neptunite


The Deep Red Pomander is the most powerful protector and supporter of the Root, Sexual and Solar Plexus Chakras. The very nature of this Pomander is "intensive" grounding, so it is therefore extremely energizing. It is recommended that it be used after every meditation, and in situations that produce high stress levels.

Coral Pomander

1-3 Days

Colour: Coral
Fragrance: Violets


When we think of the coral, firstly we think of unrequited love, - love that is not returned in the way that it is given.  I think many people at this time are coming to the point of loving themselves in another way.  It may have been that, at one point, it was easier to love ourselves when it was obvious that we were doing the right thing, saying the right thing, being creative and considering others.  So, what would unrequited love be in relation to the whole of what we are and who we are?  It would be to learn to care for the parts of ourselves that are most difficult to care for and to feel how those parts of ourselves respond.  If there are aspects of ourselves that are suffering from un-love, then how would those bits know how to respond to the more caring aspects within us? 

Perhaps some of these walls or barriers could be overcome with the coral pomander, so that those aspects that have been lying in our shadow may merge into the light, to learn how to love and care in a new way.

Orange Pomander

1-3 Days

Colour: Orange
Fragrance: Fruity, spicy, earthy
Crystal Energies: Garnet, ruby


The Orange Pomander is often called the 'Regression Protector' and 'Shock Absorber', acting as a safety net on the journey into the Depths of our Being. It may help to clear the memory of deep shocks. Therefore, it affords powerful protection for those working directly with Earth Energy.

Gold Pomander

1-3 Days

Colour: Gold

Fragrance: Flowery, fruity, like the forest

Crystal Energies: Amber, gold, zincite, citrine


The  “vapour essence” of the Gold Pomander allows your inherent wisdom to surface as it inspires a deeper connection with your instincts and helps you contact the "inner teacher".

Yellow Pomander

1-3 Days

Colour: Yellow
Fragrance: Fruity, lemony, like the forest
Crystal Energies: Amber, fluorite, yellow quartz, topaz, citrine


The Yellow Pomander clears the mind and brings clarity of direction and receptivity and innate wisdom into any situation. Sun People will feel its affects almost immediately, and for these individuals there is no better protector of their "inner-tuition".

Oliv Green Pomander

1-3 Days
Colour: Olive Green
Fragrance: Fresh, like herbs and woods
Crystal Energies: Adamite, epidote, jade

The Olive Pomander creates a bridge from the Solar Plexus to the Heart, on an emotional level which may create caring leadership qualities in both men and woman.

Emerald Green Pomander

1-3 Days
Colour: Emerald Green
Fragrance: Medicinal, warm, like the woods
Crystal Energies: Malachite, Moldive, Emerald

The Emerald Green Pomander can help to indicate The Way, or The Journey. It encourages a new outlook by revealing an awareness of our own truth and direction - " To Thine Own Self be True ".

Turquoise Pomander

1-3 Days

Colour: Turquoise
Fragrance: Sweet, spicy, fresh
Crystal Energies: Aquamarine


The Turquoise Pomander can create an energetic connection between the Heart and the Throat Chakra on an Auric level. It stimulates the function of the Ananda-Khanda, which is sometimes called the Heart within the Heart, a minor chakra at the level of the Heart Center,and just to the right.

Sapphire Blue Pomander

1-3 Days

Colour: Sapphire Blue
Fragrance: Sweet, like the woods
Crystal Energies: Aquamarine, blue agate, sapphire


The Sapphire Blue Pomander is the communication protector the greater the need for it, the more powerful its ability to protect. It is an important area of our beingness because it is connected to the expression of who we are in all ways.

Royal Blue Pomander

1-3 Days

Colour: Royal Blue
Fragrance: Sweet, like the woods
Crystal Energies: Fluorite, lapis lazuli


The Royal Blue Pomander opens us up to accessing the incredible powers of our imagination and intuition. It also helps to create a larger capacity for sympathy and empathy in ourselves.

Violet Pomander

1-3 Days

Colour: Violet
Fragrance: Violets
Crystal Energies: Amethyst, diamond, quartz


The Violet Pomander is the connection between the Crown Chakra and the Root Chakra - As Above, So Below. The Violet Essence is the opener of perception and awareness.

Deep Magenta Pomander

1-3 Days

Fragrance: Fruity


The ' vapour essence ' of the Deep Magenta Pomander enables self-realization and the awareness of your Life Purpose. It opens one to the 8th Chakra, otherwise called the Soul Star Chakra, located above the crown, and outside the body. It is in the Soul Star, that each individual Soul Fragment has access to the Divine Blueprint and what their potential and purpose within it is.

Presentation - Set of Pomanders 17 x 2,5 ml

1-3 Days


Ideal as a present or for testing all pomander.

Complete Set of Pomanders 17 x 25 ml

1-3 Days

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