Archangeloi Aura Spray

The hierarchy of the ArchAngeloi works with the individual human being particularly during points of change or transition such as the time between death and a consequent new birth. During that in-between time, seeds of potentials for circumstances or events based on the memory of, or in, prior life experience, are planted as to the intended nature of the soul’s expression of Self in the present life. The ArchAngeloi Essences may help to stimulate the memory of the seeds to enhance recall of what was intended.They have been released at this time at the request of the hierarchy to stimulate seeds that have been planted long ago in relation to the unfoldment of the higher plan that is unfolding upon the earth. Those accessing the ArchAngeloi Essences participate in an activation via their Etheric body towards this unfoldment.  

Contains 20ml

Use sparingly, you only need a little of the ArchAngeloi sprays. Press one short squirt over the left shoulder, one short squirt above the crown and one over the right shoulder. Enjoy the subtle vibrations settling in your energy field...


Archangeloi Chamael


Archangeloi Gabriel


Archangeloi Jophiel


Archangeloi Metatron


Archangeloi Michael


Archangeloi Raphael


Archangeloi Sandalphon


Archangeloi Tzadkiel


Archangeloi Uriel


Complete Set of Archangeloi Aura Spray